Value Added Services for your ATM

Want to increase the number of transactions your ATM does? Make your machine stand out with a value added service. Dynamic Currency Conversion, Dual Balance, Cardfree Cash, and MoneyPass are extra incentives that will draw customers to your location and bring in new business. Increase foot traffic, create loyalty, and stay competitive by featuring these convenient services at your ATM.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Have you ever been surprised by bank fees and currency conversion rates while traveling internationally? NationalLink’s Dynamic Currency Conversion eliminates the guessing game for your customers with a simple and transparent transaction at your ATM. This value added service is targeted towards international visitors. With DCC, customers can use their foreign bank cards to withdrawal U.S. currency without hidden bank fees or unknown conversion rates. This system allows the customer to view the exact amount that will be deducted from their bank account before the withdrawal takes place. In other words, DCC takes the mystery out of international transactions and entices travelers to use your machine.

Dual Balance

Give your customers the convenience of viewing balances from multiple accounts in a single transaction. With Dual Balance, you’ll benefit from earning extra revenue with every multi-account inquiry, while your customers benefit from being able to see both checking and savings balances at once. This system works with all processors, does not require hardware, and there is no cost to activate. Earn extra revenue with this convenient and easy to use value added service.

MoneyPass - Surcharge Free Network

Build your customer community with MoneyPass. By providing this value added service, you are giving 90 million cardholders the opportunity to access their cash through your ATM. Adding this service to your ATM puts your location on the map for all MoneyPass cardholders, increasing your overall foot traffic and sales. Build loyalty among new and returning customers whose banks participate with this surcharge-free program.

Cardfree Cash

Give your customers access to their account even when they do not have a card. With Cardfree Cash through Popmoney, your customers receive an access code and PIN to retrieve cash. This convenient service allows withdrawals for customers who have lost their card, must wait for a new card, or simply choose to not carry one. Additionally, this value added service provides person-to-person (P2P) money transfers, where customers can send, receive, and request money, all through the ATM. Essentially, Cardfree Cash is an easy way for customers to personally bank for emergencies and conveniences.

Mastercard Cash Pick-Up

A better way to get cash into the hands of those who need it the most. Mastercard Cash Pick-Up™ allows banks and their disburser customers to deliver cash quickly, securely, and easily to any vetted consumer – banked or unbanked – through enabled ATMs, without the use of a card.


ATM Owners now have a new way to make money with their ATMs. The GivePay Gift Card mall allows ATM Owners to monetize digital gift cards and wireless payments. GivePay adds kiosk-like functionality to existing ATMs with only a software upgrade. This value-added service will give your customers another reason to keep coming back. Give a gift with hundreds of cards to choose from, your customers can purchase and send digital gift cards to friends and family while they get cash at participating ATM machines.

Add Foot Traffic and Stay Competitive.

Let’s open a dialogue about which value added services are best for your ATM location.