Coin Redemption Solutions

Banks may have stopped counting coins for their customers, but you can take advantage of this profitable opportunity. Attract those customers and increase foot traffic with Coin Redemption by NationalLink. A coin machine offers numerous benefits that increase profits and reduce service costs involving bank services.

Coin Redemption Benefits

Our coin redemption machines are faster and more accurate, giving you the best overall package to provide value and convenience for your customers.

Reduce Bank Fees and Cash Handling Fees
Earn up to 20% of the coin processing fee
Attract new customers by exchanging coins for cash
Customers use redeemed cash for in store purchases

Draw new customers. Optimize operations.

Enhance customer loyalty while improving operations for cashiers and recycle your coins in-house.

Our Turn-Key Coin Redemption Services

With coordinated armored services, service calls, and reimbursements, coin redemption machines by NationalLink are easily maintained and operated, so you can focus on your business.

Free Industry Grade coin machine
Trustworthy armored services
Bi-weekly cash reimbursements
high capacity coin sorting option

Added Convenience and Income.

Contact us and see how NationalLink’s Coin Redemption Program can make your business more profitable and your customers’ shopping experience more convenient.