Addressing today’s cash management challenges has never been easier.

Increase safety and customer service while decreasing cash losses to shrinkage and fraud by implementing high-quality cash recycling options from NationalLink.

Why Cash Recyclers?

  • Increase Security - Criminals are known to target cash at the armored carrier and teller. Cash recyclers reduce access to currency at the branch by interfacing with alarm systems, keeping cash mostly out-of-sight and providing several additional safety feature options.

  • Reduce Fraudulent Currency Intake - Cash recyclers are designed to detect and refuse counterfeit cash.

  • Reduce Cash Handling - Using cash recyclers reduces the amount of time spent actively handling cash. This lowers employee exposure to potential viral or bacterial threats while also limiting opportunities for counting and management mistakes.

  • Save Time & Money - Automate cash counting while reducing the need for vault transactions – allowing more time for employee/accountholder interactions. 

Preferred Recyclers


Hyosung - Monisafe 500

Industry-leading technology, high-capacity design and speed, the MoniSafe 500 dramatically reduces start-of-day, end-of-day and balancing procedures. Real-time cash verification, auditing on every transaction and end-of day verification make cash handling procedures faster and more accurate.

  • 7" LCD touchscreen.
  • 3000 note capacity.
  • Individual dispense & reject slots - 200 note dispense & 30 note reject.
  • Real time cash verification.
  • Can be shared between multiple tellers.
  • Perfect for financial institutions.



The Tidel Series 4e and supported peripherals enable retail organizations to recycle coins, dispense coins and notes, and scale their note deposit and validation capabilities. By supporting these peripherals, the Tidel Series 4e is the only choice for retail organizations that require end-to-end cash management solutions that address a diverse set of needs.

  • 7" color console screen.
  • Duel note validator.
  • 1220 note capacity.
  • Optional connection to expand peripherals (4E model only).
  • Integrated printer with see-through screen, paper cutter and feeder.
  • Remotely assign, manage users, & permissions with a unique PIN login.
  • Remote access to all historical machine data.
  • Perfect for retail to financial institutions.

Addressing Today’s Cash Management Challenges Have Never Been Easier.

Our DirectVault™ recycler solution securely provides an efficient cash management environment, handling the widest range of cash management needs, no matter the size or complexity of your financial institution.