Comprehensive ATM Outsourcing service,
so you can focus on your core business.

NationalLink’s outsourcing program will bring the complete ATM cycle under a single point of contact and accountability. Our program will ease the burden of regulatory compliance, minimize capital costs, monthly operating costs, and free up staff time so you can focus on running your business and keep your customers happy.

Our Outsourcing Services

With 25 years of experience in the ATM industry, NationalLink offers world-class, reliable, and robust outsourcing options that fit your every need. Our suite of ATM outsourcing services includes cash and armored company management, monitoring and remote diagnosis, system updates, regulatory compliance, and first and second-line maintenance.


Cash Management: NationalLink ensures that every ATM in your network is properly maintained, supplied, and up to date. NationalLink uses our robust cash forecasting program to eliminate cash shortages and surpluses. Our complete cash management cycle includes cash ordering, scheduling and managing armored couriers, and constant cash balance monitoring. 

ATM Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring, direct terminal connectivity for remote resolution, switch-related fault warning, and real-time transaction monitoring to help eliminate downtime. 

Hardware and Software: NationalLink helps you in tailoring the ATM solution that would fit your needs, whether you opt to buy, rent or lease the equipment. We regularly update our ATM network’s software, firmware, and regulatory compliance to ensure smooth operation. 

Maintenance and Service: Increase uptime with routine maintenance, monitored diagnostics, on-site assistance, annual safety audits, frequent compliance inspections and general ATM maintenance. 

Terminal Driving: NationalLink provides transaction processing in addition to technical support for a variety of other processing platforms, including host communication, network connectivity, transaction processing, and “Regulation E” dispute settlement. 

Our outsourcing services are offered ala carte: 


ATM Outsourcing 

Daily Operations – Management and monitoring  🗸 
Transaction Processing  Optional 
First Line Maintenance  🗸 
Second Line Maintenance  🗸 
Software Upgrades and Patches  🗸 
Hardware Upgrades  🗸 
Hardware Replacements  🗸 
Cash Forecasting  🗸 
Cash Ordering and armored courier management  🗸 
Cash Loading (in-branch)  Optional 
Cash Loading (off-premise)  🗸 
Branding & Signage  🗸 
Compliance Documents for Regulators  🗸 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Customers/members of NationalLink's clients enjoy surcharge-free access to participating NationalLink ATM Alliance machines, including convenient ATM access at many stores.
Yes. If your ATMs are already part of an existing surcharge-free network, NationalLink will make sure your ATMs remain in the network.
Small-to-medium sized financial institutions do not operate enough ATMs to generate economies of scale. NationalLink operates over 19,000 ATMs nationwide and employs a team of ATM experts which creates operational efficiencies and cost savings for our clients.
Yes. NationalLink will provide a customized solution to meet your needs, whether the ATMs are located at your branch or off-premise. Our goal is to help drive costs down and eliminate the headaches and hassles of ATM management, regardless of how many ATMs you outsource to us.
NationalLink will purchase existing ATMs from financial institutions at current book value, and will be responsible for all future costs associated with compliance and regulatory upgrades.
In addition to using PCI-compliant PIN pads, fully encrypted point-to-point VPN communications, and various levels of security to prevent an attack at the ATM, NationalLink is implementing Terminal Security Software that will put ATMs on lockdown to prevent any software that is not part of the core ATM operating system from running.
NationalLink provides service-level guarantees in its management contract, and NationalLink's management team provides continuous updates to financial institution staff with respect to any issues affecting ATM performance. With our customized web portal, clients have access to real-time reporting online, allowing staff to view ATM status at all times and run a wide variety of transaction reports.
Yes, your financial institution will continue to provide vault cash for your ATMs, so your staff will continue to be involved in cash balancing. NationalLink will manage cash forecasting, cash ordering and the responsibility for all costs associated with armored car services.
No, NationalLink is responsible for all costs associated with ATM operations, including the costs of upgrading or replacing ATM equipment for compliance reasons.
NationalLink is responsible for all services related to ATM operations, including ATM compliance, maintenance, armored car services, transaction processing, communications, cash management, ATM monitoring and technician dispatch.
NationalLink can reduce ATM operating expenses by 30% and eliminate capital costs associated with purchasing and maintaining ATM equipment.