DCC at the ATM

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a value added service that provides customers with the option of converting transaction amounts to their home currency. The exchange rate and any associated fees are clearly displayed at the time of purchase and on the receipt, ensuring transparency. DCC is a truly international payment solution for the ever-expanding global marketplace.

How does Dynamic Currency Conversion Work

1. DCC-enabled software recognizes the currency of country in which the card was issued.

2. The customer is prompted for the currency in which he or she would like the transaction to be processed.

3. A foreign-exchange-conversion rate is applied to the transaction.

4. A credit card receipt is generated, displaying the USD amount, the foreign currency amount, and the rate of exchange.

5. DCC-enabled point-of-sale solutions can also produce reports detailing both the U.S. and foreign currency transaction amounts.

Benefits of Dynamic Currency Exchange (DCC)

For Consumers
  • Transactions displayed in the currency of the country in which the card was issued.
  • See complete transaction details with dual currencies printed on the receipt.
  • Purchase with full disclosure of the exchange rate.
  • >Make educated and informed purchases.
For Businesses
  • Increase customer base and satisfaction.
  • No upfront costs and fees directly associated with accepting international credit cards are offset.
  • Eliminate exposure to foreign-exchange-rate risk.
  • Eliminates conversion-rate guesswork and helps businesses expand their customer reach.

Expand Your Customer Base, Internationally.

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