Dual Balance at the ATM

The Dual Balance value added service is a simple, cost free way of decreasing customer transaction times while earning extra interchange revenue.

Ease of Convenience

Dual Balance provides your customers with the convenient option of viewing balances on multiple accounts associated with their card in a single transaction. This option eliminates the need of your customers to execute numerous transactions, as well as the requirement to input their pin number multiple times, resulting in shorter transactions and greater customer satisfaction. When you activate the Dual Balance feature, you improve your customer’s experience while opening new avenues for creating additional revenue.

Benefits and Features

For ATM Operators
  • More transactions equal more profit.
  • No cost to activate.
  • No hardware required.
  • Works on all processors.
For Financial Institutions
  • For ATM customers who opt to receive balances on all accounts, you receive interchange revenue for each account inquiry.
For Customers
  • Conveniently view multiple account balances in one transaction.
  • Reduced time spent at the ATM.

Are you Ready for Extra Interchange Revenue?

Learn more about how to add Dual Balance at your ATM locations.