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Here at NationalLink, we are continuously developing new ways of doing business. With our affiliate program, we deliver the best ATM business solutions for our Independent ATM Deployers [IADs] and Independent Sales Organizations [ISOs]. With a multitude of products and services, our goal is to make our affiliates, and their businesses, more efficient and profitable.

Affiliate Program

The growing convenience and uncomplicated nature of ATMs has encouraged people to use them more frequently. The increased demand for ATMs has created a lucrative business opportunity for our affiliates. As one of the largest ATM companies in the country, NationalLink helps affiliates by allowing them to take advantage of the various business partnerships we have formed with other industry-leading providers and manufacturers. We offer the best equipment pricing, service and support.

  • Commissions and residuals are vested for life and paid monthly
  • Nationwide on-site installation and maintenance
  • Nationwide cash replenishment and armored car service
  • Rapid ATM deployment
  • Online and Real-Time reporting for both affiliates and merchants
  • Easy integrated application and fast approval process
  • Free ATM placement program
  • Next day funding on withdrawn cash
  • In-house certified technicians
  • Dedicated relationship and account managers
  • Competitive pricing on new ATMs
  • Direct Leasing Program available

Choose the type of affiliate you want to be based on your time, capital, and desire to earn the most money. 

Independent ATM Deployer (IAD)

  • You find the location, you close the deal, and you own the contract. Earn the best monthly residuals.

Independent Sales Organization (ISO)

  • You find the location, you close the deal, and we own the deal. Earn better monthly residuals.

Location Referral (Locator) 

  • You find the location, we close the deal. Earn small monthly residuals. 

*Residuals are based on performance of the ATM.

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The nation’s most compelling suite of business services.

We strive to create the nation’s most compelling suite of business services that are locally sold through a logically related network of independent sale agents and distributors. Please contact us to learn more about NationalLink Partner Programs and learn whether we might be a good fit for your business.