DirectVault Smart Safes & Recyclers

Protecting and handling your cash has never been easier. Our DirectVault program encompasses smart safes, cash recyclers, and armored carrier services to keep your money secure. The best vault option for your business depends on your cash flow; let's start a dialogue to see what is the best option for you.

How a Smart Safe Works

NationalLink DirectVault Program provides end-to-end cash management for the smart safe in 4 easy steps:

During each shift, employees log in on the smart safe and deposit cash transactions right after each sale.
The smart safe will validate, count, and secure the cash in store. Our online portal provides full visibility to monitor activity in real time.
NationalLink will optimize scheduling for armored carrier services to pick-up cash weekly/bi-weekly for deposit at the bank.
The bank verifies cash amount in the safe daily and provides next day provisional credit into the merchant bank account.

The Smart Safe in action.

Smart Safe & Recycler Benefits

By eliminating discrepancies in counting and preparing cash, your profits are always protected. Instead of making risky trips to the bank, trusted armored services take care of it for you. Conveniently, the money within your safe deposits directly into your account at the business, which you will be able to access the next day.

Save on average 27 hours per week
Eliminates cash preparation, reconciliation, and transportation. We manage the complete process including the field service and repairs.
Access funds faster with next day funding
Depositing in the smart safe is basically depositing in your bank account.
Focus on other business needs
Allocate your valuable time to growing and expanding your business.
Prevent internal and external cash theft
The main cause of revenue shrinkage is due to cash theft instead of bad checks, credit card fraud, refund fraud, and internet fraud combined.
Stay informed with live monitoring and customizable reports.
Customized reports provide full visibility of deposits, balances, denominations, employee usage, and alerts in the cash supply chain.
Increase productivity and reduce operation costs
Automated cash operations will reduce labor costs and eliminate errors in counting cash.
Agnostic Hardware & Armored Company

Our strong relationships with industry leading manufacturers and armored companies give you options that'll best fit your business needs.

Proud Partnerships

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Take the headache out of handling your cash.

Focus on other business needs. Smart safes and Cash Recyclers through NationalLink are a simple and efficient way to automate cash cycles. These well-rounded approaches to cash management improve staff productivity by reducing cash handling costs, while maximizing control of cash inventory.