DirectVault Smart Safes

For your Commercial Accounts

Secure Cash Handling Has Never Been Easier. Offer your business accounts the ability to spend less time handling, counting and reconciling cash. Differentiate your institution from the competition by presenting the DirectVault Smart Safe Program to your Merchant Clients.

How a Smart Safe Works

NationalLink Direct Vault Program provides end-to-end cash management in 4 easy steps:

Employees login and deposit cash. Deposited cash is guaranteed by the bank.
The smart safe will validate, count, and secure the cash in store. Our online portal provides full visibility to monitor activity in real time.
NationalLink will schedule armored car services for cash pickup.
The bank will verify cash amounts and provide next day provisional credit in Merchant / Member account.

Offer your Merchants / Members a secure end-to-end Cash Handling System with Remote Deposit. Reduce Teller Handling and Expedite client cash flow.

Eliminate Commercial Customer bank visits for in-person cash deposits!

  • Remote Cash Deposit – Cash deposited in the safe is in client’s account the next business day.
  • Real Time Tracking – Cash intake is recorded and detailed in the online portal for complete cash visibility.
  • Safety, Security & Efficiency – Client cash is guaranteed as soon as its deposited in the safe. No more risky trips to the bank.
  • Eliminate Cash Discrepancies – Reduce cash losses due to manager accounting errors.
  • Eliminate Shrinkage – Smart Safes deter theft, both internal and external, creating a safer environment.
  • Armored Car Management – NationalLink schedules armored car pickup of cash based on client requirements.
  • Reduce bank visits & Save Time – Clients can eliminate trips to the bank with remote next-day deposit.
  • Smart Safe Service – Phone based troubleshooting is included. Maintenance and repair is arranged by NationalLink.
Single point of contact with one monthly invoice. Dedicated Account Manager for all services.

The Smart Safe in action.


Benefits of a Smart Safe

  • Save on average 27 hours per week
  • Access funds faster with next day funding
  • Focus on other business needs
  • Prevent internal and external cash theft
  • Stay informed with live monitoring and customizable reports.
  • Increase productivity and reduce operation costs
  • Agnostic Hardware & Armored Company

Smart Safe Benefits

By eliminating discrepancies in counting and preparing cash, your profits are always protected. Instead of making risky trips to the bank, trusted armored services take care of it for you. Conveniently, the money within your safe deposits directly into your account at the business, which you will be able to access the next day.

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Help your Merchant clients take the headache out of handling cash.

Allow your Merchants to focus on other business needs. Smart Safes through National Link are a simple and efficient way to automate cash cycles. This comprehensive approach to cash management improves staff productivity by reducing cash handling costs and maximizing control, visibility and management of cash inventory.