Direct Vault Smart Safes

Protecting and handling your cash has never been easier. Our DirectVault Smart Safe Program allows businesses to protect their profits and reduce operating costs through automated cash management. The best Smart Safe option for your business depends on your cash flow. Let’s start a dialogue to see what is the best option for your unique business.

Automate cash security, handling, accounting & reconciling

SINGLE point of contact for all services + ONE affordable price for the Turnkey Program including maintenance:
The DirectVault Smart Safe end-to-end Cash Management Program includes:

  • Internet connected Smart Safe with Currency Validators
  • Scheduled Armored Car Services for cash pickup
  • Daily provisional credit with your chosen bank
  • Online, real time activity and cash balance reporting
  • Dedicated Account Management

ARMOR Safe CS Compact

The CacheSYSTEM CS Compact is designed to provide a powerful cash management solution in the smallest footprint possible. The CS Compact can be conveniently located near point of sale systems, in drive thru windows, in retail kiosks, or any location where space is limited.


The Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM 2400 safe provides cash security and much greater employee accountability through an audit trail that connects each transaction to a registered user. Cash register close-out is more efficient and error-free while deposit preparation is reduced from hours to just a couple of minutes.


The Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM 7300 model provides a complete cash accepting and dispensing solution in the narrowest footprint, allowing users to replace legacy change dispensing safes with a complete cash management solution. The 96-tube vending capacity and locking inner cassette door make the 7300 the smartest safe for customers with limited space.


The Tidel Series 4 has been uniquely designed for security, usability, convenience, and serviceability, making it suitable for a wide range of cash management environments. The Series 4 supports up to two bill validators and multiple bottom storage vault options.

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