Vault Cash and Armored Services

Reduce risk, save time, and take control with NationalLink’s Vault Cash Program. Since it encompasses our cash management and armored services, you won’t have to worry about going to the bank or handling cash,

Complete Cash Management

NationalLink has relationships with numerous armored services throughout the U.S. that will keep your money safe in transit. Keeping the right amount of money in your ATM is important, and we make it easy to do just that. NationalLink’s cutting edge software allows us to use predictive techniques to forecast and control ATM cash. With Nationalink, your ATM placement will never run out of cash.

  • Cash sources arranged from our partner funding banks
  • Real-time projections on ATM activity
  • 24 call centers for ATM locations and users
  • Cash insurance
  • Resolved maintenance issues
  • Scheduled and coordinated cash loads
  • Calculated average daily outstanding balances
  • Vault cash through contracted armored companies

Eliminate your risk from cash loading and bank trips.

Give us a call today and see how our Vault Cash program can help handle your cash conveniently.