Wireless Failover: What to do When Your Internet Goes Out

Wireless Redundancy: What to do when your internet goes out

Your business relies on the internet: it is the highway in which transactions communicate between Credit Card and POS terminals, and processors. It also links your computers to each other and your network and allows you to make and receive phone calls. It is your business’s lifeline.

What happens when your internet stops working?

When the internet was in its infancy, people would break out the old transaction receipt book and manually record sales. In today’s world, however, the extra time it takes to record transactions by hand will result in lost sales. Moreover, if your credit card terminals can’t communicate to the processor, you can’t take card payments of any type. When your internet goes out, Voice over IP phones wont even work, leaving you unable to use your phones. Your business essentially shuts down.

Are you prepared for Business Downtime?

Internet outages of all types occur daily because landlines are fragile and faulty: Construction, car accidents, even temperamental weather can trigger an outage. In 2016, 72% of business in the UK reported a combined 149 million hours of downtime. Of those businesses, 38% reported that internet outages resulted in their business grinding to a complete halt, while 25% directed their efforts to non-internet related tasks. Even if your ISP boasts a 99% uptime per month, you are still experiencing 438 minutes of downtime, or 87.6 hours a year. BEC Technologies reports that downtime costs an average of $163,639 annually. That means you are potentially losing $13,639 each month because of internet outages. You need an effective Plan B to ensure you stay connected all the time.

How to stay connected when your internet goes out

NationalLink processes over 15,000 ATMs and 5,000 credit card terminals, so we understand the need to keep connected through internet blackouts. Our dedicated team researched this ever-present issue, examining thousands of potential solutions. The goal: achieving business continuity with a low cost, high bandwidth solution that is easily deployed. In the end, we created a Wireless Failover plan that will allow your business to:

  • Maximize uptime by keeping disruptions to a minimum
  • Achieve Business Continuity by maintaining an active connection
  • Accept card payments even during internet disruption
  • Stay operational during Business Downtime

Introducing the XFO 4G LTE Wireless Failover

NationalLink XFO-LTE 4G Network Conmecton
NationalLink XFO-LTE 4G Network Connection

The new XFO-LTE Wireless Failover helps you maintain a constant, active connect through any internet interruption your business experiences.

What the XFO 4G LTE Wireless Failover does

When you experience an internet outage, everything connected via hardwire (including VoIP Phones, POS terminals, ATMs, and Credit Card equipment) to your router stops working. This results in the loss of sales and cessation of normal operations. The XFO 4G LTE Wireless Failover detects all wireline failures and immediately connects any hardwired equipment to the closest Verizon 4G LTE network. This allows you to still conduct business, whether it be making and receiving phone calls, conducting ATM or credit card transactions, or operating POS terminals, even though your ISP is down.

The new XFO 4G LTE Wireless Failover is ideal for a variety of businesses, including grocery stores, convenience stores, clothing retail stores, restaurants and bars, nightclubs, and gas stations. The XFO 4G LTE Wireless Failover helps

NationalLink understands that internet downtime results in lost opportunities, putting your business at risk. So why rely solely on your ISP alone?

Be proactive. Protect your business.

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