Small Businesses

ATM machines for small businesses will increase foot traffic and add a new stream of income. Across the nation, small to mid-sized businesses and independent merchants have benefitted from NationalLink’s complete ATM solutions. As an industry leader in service pricing, we offer reliable solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs.

ATM Programs

Expand your profitability with our Ownership and Placement options. You can choose to run your machine, or let us take care of it for you. We have a solution to get an ATM for your business.

ATM Ownership
Earn up to 100% of the surcharge generated with an Ownership option. This program is the most profitable because it’s your operation. We provide thorough training for ATM owners, as well as a 24/7 support for any needs that may arise.


ATM Placement
When you choose a placement option, you are only responsible for collecting your check; we will handle the rest. Take care of your business and let NationalLink run your machine. Surcharge revenue is shared on a monthly basis, and can be tailored to your location.


See a Difference in Your Bottom Line.

ATMs are a valuable addition to small and mid-sized businesses. Along with the revenue received from surcharge fees, your business would benefit from increased foot traffic, decreased credit card fees, and the promotion of on-site spending.

The NationalLink Difference

NationalLink constantly works to refine the way money moves through your business. We always strive to provide exceptional service and cutting-edge technology to our 15,000 customers throughout all 50 States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Dedicated Account Managers
As a service centered company, NationalLink’s priority will always be you. Enjoy the benefits of a direct line to a single point of contact.

Maximum ATM Uptime
NationalLink has a 24/7 help desk and hotline for any assistance that may be needed. Our live monitoring system informs us of anything that the machine may need.

On-Screen Advertising
Your ATM screen is a dynamic marketing channel that reaches thousands of customers who use your machine on an annual basis. Provide us with a predetermined template, and we can change it monthly.

Custom Enclosures

We provide an array of custom ATM enclosures to match the décor of your business, promote your brand, and attract customers to your machine.

Live Remote Monitoring

Because your machine is constantly communicating with our headquarters, we are able to solve 85% of issues that may arise, thus optimizing ATM uptime.


When paired with our dynamic on-screen marketing, coupons promote additional amenities within your business.

We Have a Solution for You.

Give us a call today and see how the NationalLink difference can benefit your business.