ATM Placement Program

If you operate any type of retail business, such as a restaurant, a consumer goods store, hotel, beauty salon, gas station, or liquor store, consider an ATM Program to earn passive income.

Grow your business with our Turnkey ATM Program.

You earn revenue with each ATM transaction. We setup and maintain the ATM and provide the cash loading. You receive a commission payment at the end of every month!

After the ATM is installed at your location and programmed, you’re ready to start earning additional income!

There are many benefits to an ATM Program, including: 

  • Surcharge Revenue Share. As the business owner, you’ll receive a portion of the surcharge fee set on the ATM per withdrawal transaction, and your earnings will grow with the volume of transactions.
  • Putting more cash in your customer’s hands. Allow your customers to withdraw cash at your ATM, then spend that cash in your store, increasing your sales!   
  • Lowering your Credit Card Fees. With every POS transaction you pay fees, with an ATM in your business, we pay you on each transaction.
  • Increasing your daily foot traffic. Attract more customers to your business by having an ATM. Separate yourself from your competition!
  • ATM Advertising Options. Custom on-screen advertising with receipt couponing is available. Include a promotional message on every ATM print receipt!

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