We’re helping businesses thrive in the Phygital (digital + physical) Economy

Our Merchant Services Team spoke with a retail business owner last week, a new perspective client, and during our conversation he bemoaned the complex issue of retail payment methods. He said: “It used to be so easy, accepting payments by cash, checks, or credit cards. We had a Merchant Services Account for the credit card acceptance, and we had all payment options covered.” He continued; “We want to be receptive to our customer’s preferences in payment methods, but it’s a constantly evolving equation that becomes more complex when we consider compliance regulations and processing costs with card-present and card-not-present transactions.” It’s a conversation we have frequently with new merchant clients. When you add the pandemic’s impact on retail business, it’s more important than ever for Merchants to be able to react quickly to shifts in consumer behaviors which largely point to contactless and online payments. Our perspective new client added: “I know I need to make a plan, immediately, to accept more contactless and online payments. It’s perfectly understandable that our customers would prefer to not touch any device during a credit card transaction.

At National Link our Merchant Services Program is based on not just simplifying the payment process for our Merchants, but also reducing processing costs, and serving as a “technology advisor” informing our Merchants of the most popular forms of payment acceptance, by consumer demand, and providing the flexibility and the means to add that technology to their Account. We reduce processing costs by proposing specific solutions in a unique pricing model tailored to each client’s needs. We also offer on-going training as a critical element in our dedicated account management program. Our ISO Agents are fully prepared to ensure new payment systems integrate with our Merchant’s existing technological infrastructure, and that always includes educating sales personnel on the use of the newest technology. We’re accustomed to providing a hands-on approach. We’re always proud to help our clients stay current and continue expanding their businesses through smarter operating strategies, lower payment processing costs, and enhanced customer service.

By working with National Link, Merchants aren’t burdened with investigating and determining on their own which of the latest payment methods they should offer their customers, and what payment acceptance technology is best suited for their unique business model; brick & mortar stores, ecommerce/ online ordering sites, phone sales, mobile sales representatives, or a combination of all four.

Oh, and the new client we spoke with? Not only did we save them money, but they received the latest contactless and online ordering solution. The merchant now is ready to compete and streamline his payment processing program.