4 Steps to Start Your ATM Business

$tarting your own ATM business can help you generate income. What are the requirements? Do I need to find my own location to put my ATM? What are the prices for an ATM? Additional questions when considering your ATM options.

The first 2 things you will need is a business license and a business bank account. Most small businesses are required by law to have a combination of licenses and permits. Regulations will vary by federal, state, and county/city governments. You cannot legally operate an ATM business without the required licenses and permits.

$econdly, once you have your business license and bank account, you will need a location. ATMs that are most profitable reside in high traffic locations, 24 hour locations and locations that are cash intensive.

Thirdly, choose the right ATM. NationalLink is an authorized ATM dealer of GenMega and Hyosung ATM machines. Let one of our ATM experts help you.

Fourth, You will need to put a money in the ATM to provide cash for customers and you will earn income from transaction fees.

NationalLink is a one stop solution for ATM business owners to purchase ATMs, program the ATM, install, process transactions and service ATMs.

When you are ready to start your ATM business visit www.NationalLink.com