Tourism and Dynamic Currency Conversion – DCC

The convenience of foreign exchange at your hotel

Travelling abroad is exciting for a lot of different reasons: You get to experience new cultures, see world famous destinations and attractions, try new cuisines, and open yourself up to an altered world view. Of course, money is a major factor when travelling: transportation, hotels, food costs, activities, souvenirs. Everything is a cost, including currency conversion.

In 2014, 75 million people traveled from all over the world to the United States. It is hard to imagine such a staggering amount of people, but if you live near a major metropolitan, you’ve probably noticed that businesses luring tourists inside. They know that tourists carry expendable cash and want to entice them to spend. But what happens if that cash runs out? Typically, travelers would have to visit the nearest currency exchange or order money from a bank, both time consuming processes where you have the opportunity to solve their problem at your hotel!

As a hotel and ATM owner, having an innovative solution that satisfies your international customers will increase your appeal. NationalLink can offer Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) at your ATM as one of our Value-Added Services.



When your customers insert their card into our/your ATM, the DCC software will automatically recognize the currency of the card issuers country. The customer can then see the calculated foreign exchange conversion rate applied, converting the dollar amount to the foreign currency amount so it makes sense for them. When the customers transaction is complete, they receive a receipt displaying the local currency, the foreign currency, and the exchange rate. Therefore, you provide your customers with the cash they need while eliminating the guesswork associated with conversion rates. Moreover, DCC is compatible with most major global currencies, so you can reach a variety of international travelers.

With NationalLink’s DCC Value-Added Service, you offer your customers a convenient way to get the money they need quickly. Not only does this offer convenience for your guests, you help them get back to enjoying their travels.

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