TOP 5 Reasons CASH is Still Popular with Consumers! Easy access to ATMs is key in placing cash in consumer’s hands!

1. Cash is the least costly form of payment transactions – Many retail businesses charge a fee for processing credit card payment transactions or require a minimum purchase for card payments. Some may even offer a discount for cash customers.

2. Cash is universally accepted! – Especially in tourist destinations around the world, small specialty stores, or new businesses that haven’t yet established a credit card acceptance system.

3. In emergency situations it’s a good idea to carry cash – When digital connections are lost due to network outages, or, during natural disasters when non-cash payments can’t be accepted, cash gives consumers the means to make purchases.

4. Privacy – Cash protects consumer identity – But identity theft isn’t the only concern. Credit Card companies sell purchase data to marketers, leading to intrusive promotional e-mails. For those consumers that value their privacy, cash is still the best option for in-store purchases.

5. Cash is resilient – Cash is given as gifts, it’s used for tipping, and for impromptu in-person donations. So, unlike digital payments, cash continually circulates through our economy.

Increase foot traffic at your retail business and keep CASH circulating in our economy!

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