EMV Card Reader Maintenance

Avoid costly EMV card reader malfunctions that are simply dirty. Misreads and fallbacks lead to increased transaction charges and repair fees. Majority of the problems that arise from EMV card readers can be resolved with proper cleaning and maintenance.

EMV compliance involves cleaning your EMV Card Readers

Below are the why, when, and how to clean your EMV card readers.

Why Clean
  • Improve customer experience.
  • Decrease transaction time.
  • Reduce costs and service calls.
  • Maintain hassle free revenue stream
When to Clean
  • Card rejection.
  • Reader error.
  • Repeated inserts/swipes.
  • High failure rates.
How to Clean
  • Use a SMART EMV cleaning card.
  • Insert card into card reader as far as it can go.
  • Move card in and out 5-7 times with quick short strokes.
  • Flip over end for end and repeat.

Avoid Malfunctions. Clean Your EMV Card Readers.

Use EMV Specific Smart Cleaning Card

The Smart Cleaning Card comes with Waffletechnology and miracle magic solution. Waffletechnology is the leader in cleaning card technology. The miracle magic solution is an innovative cleaning agent designed for device interior mechanisms and surfaces.

NationalLink Smart Cleaning Cards for EMV Card Readers Photo
NationalLink Smart Cleaning Cards for EMV Card Reader - Waffle Technology Close Up Photo

Waffle Technology and Miracle Magic Solution

Waffletechnology is designed with raised platforms on their top and bottom surfaces, increasing effectiveness in cleaning recessed sensors. The miracle magic solution is an alcohol free cleaning solution that is universally safe on lenses, belts, and rollers, increasing the life of EMV card readers.

Clean Your EMV Reader or Pay Fallback Costs?