Don't Get Skimmed!

Fraudsters are always looking to steal information. Stay protected by following these precautions.

What is ATM Skimming?

Don't get skimmed! Fraudsters are always looking to steal information.

ATM Skimming is
  • The theft of card information through devices at the ATM.
  • Your personal info is then used to produce counterfeit cards for later cash withdrawals.
Skimming Devices
  • Secretly record credit/debit card info from the magnetic stripe.
Cameras, Keypad Overlays
  • Skimming devices such as cameras, keypad overlays & other devices are used to capture customer PINs.

Is EMV Enabled On Your ATM?

ATM owners are liable for fraudulent MasterCard transactions if machines are not EMV compliant.

Steps To Detect & Deter ATM Skimming.

Place ATM in Sight
  • ATM machines need to be in line of sight of cashier and away from areas of ‘smash & grabs’.
  • Make sure your video surveillance is also on.
Know Your ATM
  • Familiarize yourselves with what your ATM exactly looks like.
  • Take photos of the ATM to use as reference with inspecting.
Examine The Card Reader
  • Check the card reader by jiggling and pulling on it. Most skimmers are temporarily installed and will easily come.
Inspect Your ATM Once a Day
  • Check your ATM machine daily to see if there is any alterations to it.
  • Train all your employees to know what the ATM looks like.
Look for a Micro Camera
  • Look for any unusual pin holes in and around the ATM where a micro camera can be mounted to capture customer PINs.
Inspect for a Keypad Overlay
  • These overlays are usually placed on top of the original keypad with double-sided tape. Look for subtle color and texture difference.
Look Inside Your ATM
  • Upon authorization, check inside the ATM machine to see if any skimming devices are connected to the card reader and/or mainboard.
Use Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Scanners
  • Because these internal skimmers connect externally through bluetooth or wi-fi, use one of the free apps to detect unrecognized networks.

Deter Skimming With Security & EMV Decals

Fraudsters are always looking to steal information. Stay protected by following these precautions.

Knowledge, Detection, and Deterrence.

What if I find a skimming device on the ATM?
  • Do Not Touch the skimming device(s) and place an ‘Out of Order’ sign.
  • Make sure no one continues to use the ATM.
  • Contact your ATM vendor.
  • Immediately coordinate a time to remove the device.
  • Take photos of the skimming device discretely.
Be Aware of Car/Trucks
  • That are parked nearby for long periods of time.
  • Discretely make a note of the license plate/make/model/color.
  • Do Not Intervene.
Do Not Intervene
  • If you observe a person attempting to recover the skimming device.
  • Make note of what they look like.

Need More Information? Read the Guide.

Make sure your ATMs are protected.