Merchant Cash Advance

Need a cash advance for your business? NationalLink understands that cash advances are necessary to grow your business. We are here to help.

Benefits of Merchant Cash Advance


Without adequate cash flow, your business will founder and struggle. It’s a situation all too real for millions of small businesses across the US. There’s plenty of profit on paper, but there’s little or nothing available for your daily needs. At NationalLink, we understand the significant need for working capital, and we make merchant cash advances available to meet a very broad range of needs.

Cash advances are ideal for virtually any small business, and can help ensure you have the funds necessary to improve and grow your business, regardless of your industry. We invite you to take advantage of high approval rates and fast turnaround times.

Other benefits you’ll enjoy include:

  • Don’t struggle with complex paperwork and invasive questions

  • No limitations on what you can use your funds for

  • We consider all credit histories, not just perfect borrowers

Get the liquid cash you need to keep your business running smoothly, and to grow your success with merchant cash advance. Contact us today to learn more.

Keep your business running smoothly with merchant cash advance.