Exclusive Partnership with Intimus

NationalLink continues to deliver the latest technology and more value to its customers. Processing large volumes of banknotes for many businesses is an ongoing pain point. To provide solutions for this, we’ve partnered with Intimus International Group, a global and trusted leader with a revolutionary cash deposit system that is used by banks and financial institutions around the world. This strategic partnership will provide businesses with innovative financial services and products to optimize the cash handling cycle. In the United States, NationalLink is the exclusive distributor for Intimus smart safes.

Why Intimus

Intimus have long recognized the necessity of keeping pace with information technology, positioning themselves to be a reliable navigator for their clients in this fast-evolving environment. Trusted by banks and large organizations globally, Intimus cash management systems and smart safes provide their clients the tools necessary to operate more securely and efficiently.

Quality Focused
Intimus recognizes that producing high quality produces is the only means for continuing to achieve success and move the company forward.
Ambition Driven
Intimus is never satisfied with the status quo. They continue to challenge themselves to outpace cultural and technological development.
Reliable and Trusted
Intimus promotes trustworthy and solid relationships between employees and with their customers.
Industry and Global Leader
For nearly 50 years, the world's top security agencies have trusted Intimus.

Why NationalLink

As an industry leader in providing complete ATM and Cash Handling solutions, we’ve grown to where we are today because of you, our valuable customers and networks. With integrity, honesty, quality, and an insurmountable support from our clients, we’re able to consistently offer complete packages of extremely competitive pricing, transaction revenues and national service coverage.

Quality First
We aim to remain the premier and leading ATM Company by providing the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost.
Continuous Improvement
We proactively seek and integrate new technology to provide our customers with more value and excellent service.
Superb Customer Service
Our customer service is second to none in the industry. Your business growth is our priority.
Strong Industry Network
Our deep relationships with industry leading manufacturers and leaders strengthens our product offerings for our customers.

With a U.S. market penetration of less than 15% for smart safes, NationalLink and Intimus are in position to be a leader in this space.

In Position to Meet Market Demands

Cash trends are increasing and there's a surging demand for smart safes. With a U.S. market penetration of only 6% for smart safes, it is projected to double by 2020. This partnership between Intimus and NationalLink brings comprehensive cash management solutions to the growing U.S. demands.

10% Increase
In cash in circulation since the market crash of 2008.
24 cash transactions
On average per household per month, regardless of income.
32% of the time
cash is used as the payment instrument at retail - the most frequent method.
7% more cash
is being carried by consumers in their wallet, averaging $59.

A partnership that will bring smarter solutions to traditional cash handling and meet the growing U.S. market demands.

Bringing Solutions to Market Challenges

Cash management ranks as the highest growth opportunity for banks; why not meet and capitalize on merchant demands for a smarter cash management solution? The Intimus and NationalLink partnership brings solutions to the many challenges retailers face today.

Better Armored Carrier Logistics
As frequency and distance scale, businesses see an increase in operational costs and logistical headaches.
Optimize Resource Allocation
An increase in cash volume and POS terminals requires more employee hours to count and reconcile cash.
Eliminate Loss Revenue
$40 billion in annual losses from retailers due to internal and external cash theft. Moreover, there's been a 20% increase in cash theft, making it the second highest area of loss.
Prevent Administrative Errors
Automated cash operations will reduce labor costs and eliminate counting and reconciliation errors. Save on bank deposit adjustment fees and rework.
Lower Risks and Liability
Insurance premiums linked to theft and use of employees and managers.

Our goal is to deliver innovative smart safe services at competitive prices to retailers and organizations of all sizes across the United States.