How NationalLink advances the flow of cash through businesses

Do you remember when TV was thought to eliminate the radio? A similar discussion is happening now between cash and digital payments. But despite all this noise, cash remains the most popular type of payment in the U.S.*, accounting for almost a third of all transactions in 2017. With that in mind, promoting cash flow and optimizing the cash handling process hold significant value for businesses and here’s how we’re doing it:

  • By Encouraging Cash Usage with a Cash Discount Program
    With the quick rise of payment technology, businesses can accept more payment methods today than ever before. However, this comes at a cost. Merchants are seeing significant service fees cut into their revenue. With a cash discount program offered through NationalLink’s Payment Solutions division, businesses can have the best of both worlds – accept more payment methods while offsetting merchant service fees when customers pay with cash. The POS terminals are required to clearly display the cash discount program on all cash paying customer receipts, promoting loyal patrons of the business to use cash as the payment of choice. If you’re looking to add a vertical to your ATM business, our Payment Solutions division is hiring agents. Visit for more info.
  • By Managing Cash Flow In and Out with Smart Safes/Recyclers
    To save time and money, automating cash handling for any cash intensive business is a necessity. After considering the cost of transporting, counting, and managing cash, it becomes clear that running a business with a Smart Safe or Recycler will decrease the overall cost in labor. With that time saved, employees can maximize productivity as they are more able to focus on customer experience and sales. A win-win.

    NationalLink has formed key partnerships with industry leaders like Fiserv to offer technology for businesses to seamlessly integrate a smart safe or recycler into their operations. If you’re a Bank or an Independent ATM Deployer, it’s time to cross sell this solution with us.

  • By Facilitating Cash Flow while Minimizing Risk with ATMs and Currency Discriminators
    Since 1996, NationalLink has been providing ATM solutions directly to merchants and through our partner program. We know that there has and will always be a need for ATMs to serve the underbanked. There’s no doubt that customers with convenient access to their cash are more inclined to use cash as the payment of choice. With our footprint, we also provide banks with an opportunity to expand their nationwide footprint of ATMs. It serves as a cost-efficient expansion opportunity to reach more customers and to serve the unbanked.

    The Federal Reserve estimates around $220 million in counterfeit cash could be circulating throughout the U.S. We understand that an efficient cash handling operation is crucial to any business’ success, so we’ve added currency discriminators to our product line to help both IADs and businesses quickly count bills and detect counterfeit bills. Streamlining this process reduces errors in manual sorting and counting and ultimately minimizing the risk of revenue loss.

As society pushes towards a more digital landscape, cash remains a popular payment choice for the foreseeable future. Cash will continue to thrive and NationalLink will be here to offer ATM distributors, Banks, and merchants the ability to maximize their business. Cash in with NationalLink today and remember, Withdraw Cash [on] Wednesdays!