High Security Office Shredders

Handle your data onsite with these shredders and eliminate the risk of external loss and theft, ensuring that your data is kept private.


Best in class. Our shredder options suit any sized business. Don't risk external loss or theft by using third-party services to shred your data. Need other options? Feel free to contact us!


The FlashEx Shredder ensures that digital media devices with sensitive data is destroyed. Conveniently maintaining the security of your data onsite making sure that your data is destroyed without the risk of external loss or theft. Safe and reliable way to destroy your digital media devices and the sensitive data they contain in any type of business onsite.

  • Easy to use. Plug and play.
  • Perfect for quiet work office environments.
  • Destroys SSD drives, smartphones, mobile phone, mini-tablets, and USB sticks.
  • The FlashEx can shred up to 500 USB thumb drives or 100 mobile phones a day.
  • Shreds electronics into tiny particles (4 x 15 mm in size).
  • Note: This does not shred paper.


Full-featured shredder that not only shreds sheets of paper but paper with staples and paperclips. It also can shred electronic CD's, DVDs, floppy disks, plastic credit cards, and ID cards with ease.

  • Shred Size: 3.8 x 36mm
  • Easy to use. Plug and play.
  • Workhorse shredder that can stand up to heavy, all-day, every day usage.
  • Perfect for quiet work office environments.
  • Easy to use, with automatic start/stop functionality.
  • Shreds 21 to 23 sheets per pass.
  • Shreds up to 625 sheets per minute.
  • Has a 31.7 gallon capacity catch basket. Reduces the need to interrupt shred nobs in order to dump shred waste.

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Keep your data safe by shredding internally.