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NationalLink is an industry leader in providing complete merchant services solutions, ATM solutions, and smart safes and recyclers. We have the right tools, experience, and relationships to help you offer state of the art services to your customers.

ATM Solutions

Already have an ATM but it doesn't work all the time? Give us a call to stop losing revenue.

Maximum ATM Uptime

We understand that when your ATM is down, you lose out on revenue opportunities. We make sure all ATMs we manage are always up and running.

NFC, CardFree Cash, and More

We have the latest ATM technology to make it easy and convenient for your customers to get cash for spending and tips.

Excellent Customer Service

We're the largest ATM company on the West Coast. And excellent customer service is one of the reasons why our customers are happy.

ATM Placement Program

Don't want to worry about the upfront cost that comes with placing an ATM in your business? We'll handle it all for you and give you a very competitive revenue split.

Custom Branding

Whether it's a dark mahogany wooden enclosure or custom designed wraps and toppers, we have the services to seamlessly integrate the ATM machine with your interior decor.

Full Ownership Program

If you prefer a fully immersive and hands-on approach for your ATM, we offer very competitive pricing on all equipment and services needed to successfully run your ATM.

Call us today to qualify for a free ATM.
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Smart Safe & Recyclers

Did you know that you can easily simplify your cash handling process? Our DirectVault™ program will protect your cash, eliminate bank fees, and saves you time.


Eliminates cash preparation, reconciliation, and transportation. We manage the complete process including the field service and repairs.


The main cause of revenue shrinkage is due to cash theft instead of bad checks, credit card fraud, refund fraud, and internet fraud combined.


Automated cash operations will reduce labor costs and eliminate errors in counting cash.

Stop cash theft at your business. Call us now.
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Merchant Services

From table top to compact mobile terminals, your business and customers are protected with EMV technology.

99% Approval Rate

We understand the difficulty of getting a reliable POS merchant service in your business. We know what it takes and we'll get you approved.

Next Day Funding

From your customer's card to your bank account, your funds are available next business day.

EMV Equipped Terminals

All of our POS equipment are EMV compliant to protect your business and customers from fraud.

No Long Term Contracts

Because we are confident of our services and that you'll enjoy the benefits we offer, we won't need long term contracts.

Mobile Processing

Need a terminal that can move from customer to customer at your business? We have the solution.

Cloud Based Technology

You'll be able to accept payments even when you're offline, eliminating the chance for missed sales and tips.

Call us now to receive free 30 days of credit card processing.

Stop the headaches from handling multiple vendors. Consolidate your services with us.