Buy Bitcoin on the ATM

This value added service provides consumers a convenient way to instantly convert cash into Bitcoin at your ATM location. With this feature, consumers can buy and send money peer-to-peer to anyone, anywhere in the world. Buying Bitcoin has never been easier!

Conveniently Convert Cash Into Bitcoin

Consumers can exchange their currency for Bitcoin at your ATM.

Cash for Bitcoin

Consumers can exchange different currencies for Bitcoin directly at your ATM. In turn, you receive transaction revenue, that you set.

Visible Location
Adding this service to your ATM puts your location on the map for all consumers. Our locator will highlight your stores ATMs.
Convenient access to instantly buy Bitcoin at your location with cash at your ATM.
Increase Foot Traffic
Convenient access to easily buy Bitcoin with cash at your ATM location for new and returning customers, increasing your overall foot traffic and sales.
Easy Access
Consumers will be able to initiate a Bitcoin purchase directly on your ATM machine and instantly redeem on their Bitcoin wallet of choice.
Simple Software Upgrade

We provide you with the upgrade software to enable Bitcoin purchasing functionality on your ATM machine.

How Do I Get Bitcoin Functionality On My ATM?

Easily enable bitcoin functionality on your ATM with a simple software update. No upfront costs or new hardware needed. Available on Genmega and Hantle ATM Machines.

Convenient for Consumers. Profitable for You.

Consumers are not the only ones who benefit from bitcoin. This solution enables you to grow your bottom line through more frequent use of your ATMs and increased transaction fee revenue from bitcoin transactions.

Offer customers Bitcoin at your ATM.

Attract consumers to your ATMs by offering secure and convenient access to purchase Bitcoin with cash.