ATM Placement Services

With over 20 years of experience, NationalLink is a west coast powerhouse, offering nationwide free ATM Placement Programs for all types of businesses. We manage everything for you including cash loading and armored services. You never have to worry about anything related to the ATM while we maintain a reliable and profitable high volume ATM machine. Our competitive commission and processing rates will reduce operating costs and increase bottom line.

ATM Placement for Financial Institutions

Your customers deserve it. As you may be well aware, Bank and Credit Union members consistently request convenient and free unlimited access to their funds. Providing such services can become costly to an institution yet is necessary in order to acquire new business while retaining existing customers.

Expand Footprint
NationalLink can aid in extending banking footprints nationwide with an ATM placement at a lower cost without the hassle of operating and maintaining the ATMs.
Fully Managed
NationalLink will handle everything from the operation of the machines, parts repair, cash management, installation, equipment costs, and processing.
Bank Co-Branding
Whether it's a customized wrap or a sleek and elegant wooden cabinet, NationalLink makes sure the ATM placement is consistent with the bank branding to build customer satisfaction.
Industry Trusted
With partnerships like Fiserv, NationalLink offers peace of mind and security for a fully managed ATM placement program.

Expand your FI's footprint without the cost.

ATM Placement for Retail Businesses

For the business owner who wants an ATM without the headaches of managing its operation, NationalLink has a free ATM placement program. All you need to do is supply space and power and NationalLink will do the rest. Under this program, the business owner receives a portion of the surcharge, which is the amount you charge the customer per ATM transaction. Our ATM placement program comes with

Vault Cash and Armored Services
We'll take care of loading cash in the ATMs, maximizing up time.
ATM Signage
We offer options for ATM signage to attract more foot traffic to the ATM and your business.
ATM Processing
We process bank cards from major networks including, but not limited to, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and more.
ATM Service and Maintenance
From ATM machine delivery and installation to maintenance and repairs, we'll fully manage everything.

Increase foot traffic and revenue for your business.