Age Verification

It’s your responsibility as a business owner to verify a customer’s age before selling age-restricted products, but there are significant pitfalls here. NationalLink has the answer – our age verification solution helps you authenticate a customer’s ID or driver’s license in environments where the product or service requires the customer to be of a certain age.

Benefits of Age Verification Service

As technology has improved, so have counterfeit drivers’ licenses and other forms of identification. It can be difficult to determine what’s real and what’s not. NationalLink has the solution for you.




Our age verification service is ideal for:

  • Ensuring sales clerks and other staff are accountable for verifying ID prior to sale or service
  • Protecting your business against having your alcohol or tobacco license suspended (and the costly fines and fees associated with suspension)
  • Decreasing your liability insurance premiums and adding to your company’s bottom line without incurring significant costs in other areas

At NationalLink, we pride ourselves on delivering real solutions for real business needs, including age verification, merchant cash advances, check processing, credit card solutions and more.

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