Payment Solutions - FAQs

  • How Soon Can I Get Started?
    We proudly offer same-day approval. Call us today to start running transactions tonight.


  • How Quickly Will I Receive My Deposits?
    NationalLink offers Early Merchant Funding (EMF). This guarantees your money will be safely deposited in your account the following business day.


  • How Long Is Your Contract? 
    At NationalLink, we are firm believers in our product; as a result, we have no long-term contracts. If you truly wish to leave us, we only require 45 days written notice of cancellation.


  • Are There Cancellation Fees?
    If you decide to leave us at any time during your contract, you can cancel with no penalties given the proper notice.


  • What Does EMV Mean For Me?
    EMV is a new standard of technology in terms of security at the point of sale. If you are not compliant with these new technological advances, you will become liable for fraudulent transactions! As EMV becomes widely adopted here in the United States, criminals will be targeting merchants that have yet to upgrade their equipment to these new standards. We can offer you peace of mind, free of charge, with our free equipment program. Call us today to get started.


  • What Are Your Rates?
    Rates differ from merchant to merchant depending on the types of transactions each is conducting, so the type of business you run, the types of cards you accept, and how they are accepted are just some of the variables that come in to play when determining the rates you will be charged. Provide us with a past processing statement today to see exactly how much money you could have saved had you been processing with NationalLink.


  • What Is An Agent Partner?
    Members of our Agent Partnership Program represent NationalLink as an outside salesperson. Initiating, negotiating, and closing merchant accounts is not foreign to our agents, and, because of their experience in the field, the benefits of this program reflect that. Give us a call today to start submitting accounts!


  • What Is A Referral Partner?
    This program is for those who wish to begin a career in the industry in terms of outside sales. Our dedicated account managers provide industry leading training and support to groom the next generation of top-notch agents in the field.  In this program, initiating the sale is the mission. If this sounds like something you can do, give us a call – it’s time to start your career.

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