Dual Pricing

With Nationallink’s Duel Pricing program, you never have to pay credit card processing fees.

Key Benefits of the Dual Pricing Program:

Give your customers options.
Paying by cash gives customers a discount on items purchased. This helps you as the merchant avoid processing fees.  In the event the customer prefers to pay by credit card they will incur your processing fees to help your business grow.  
No hidden fees.
Stop the card brands from adding their annual rate increases by switching over to Dual Pricing today.
Dual Pricing puts more money back into the businesses bottom line.
This program is a proven approach to help businesses save money by eliminating credit card processing fees.
You’ll never need to switch processors again.
Once you are on the Dual Pricing program and see the savings. You will never want to leave.

What We Provide

Rental Terminals.
Along with eliminating your processing fees, we offer rental equipment to minimize your startup cost. Ask about our POS.
24/7 Customer Support.
Don’t wait until the next business day to get answers.  Our customer support is available when you need it.
It’s easy to switch.
With minimal paperwork and same day approvals, your business can be up and running in no time.
Online reporting.
With NationalLink’s online reporting, you’ll have access to view of your transactions, batches, fees, and funds so you can track your business performance over time.

Customer Testimonial

"As an owner of a law firm, it is essential to be in control of your finances. It’s a great stress reliever. The NationalLink Thrive Cash Discount program has offset 100% of the high credit card fees I used to pay each month. I would hope more business owners would utilize the opportunity to increase their revenue and take the fear out of change…It's worth it."

M. Delluomo
-The Law Offices of Delluomo and Crow
Oklahoma City, OK


Best of All, YOU as the merchant are able to retain more profit and reduce credit card fees.