Partner with NationalLink for Industry Best ATM Solutions

As an industry leader in providing complete ATM solutions, we’ve grown to where we are today because of you, our valuable customers and networks. We have over 25 years in providing quality and unparalleled ATM services to consumers throughout the nation. With integrity, honesty, quality, and insurmountable support from our clients we’re able to consistently offer complete packages of extremely competitive pricing, transaction revenues and national service coverage.

For over 25 years, our complete ATM solutions continue to provide value and convenience for our customers.

The Beginning

NationalLink started in 1992 as an engineering firm assisting with the design and development of credit card and electronic fund transfer terminals. With the continuous improvements and the need for new payment technologies, the company in late 1993 started providing payment processing solutions including sales and processing of credit card terminals. Since early 1996, NationalLink has been a nationwide company that provides complete turn-key ATM systems including sales, processing, service, and cash management.

The Beginning

The Present.

We are an industry leader in providing complete ATM solutions for hospitality segments, financial institutions, and retail establishments. Our growing network of 18,000 ATMs span across all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We’ve steadily expanded our services throughout the years, providing an array of solutions from EMV-compliant ATM placements, processing, cash management, armored services, in-house repair center, to point of sale terminals, and mobile NFC payment capabilities.

The Present

The Future.

Our mission in the beginning was to enrich people’s lives in the ATM business; let them concentrate on what they do and we’ll handle everything else. From accounting, marketing, processing, statements, installing machines, etc. we cover it all. Everyone we’ve worked with and helped have been extremely happy with the synergistic relationship they have with us. NationalLink has depth, giving us the ability to pay close attention to the details and the needs of our customers. As we move forward, we are consistently investing in new technology to assist our customers expand to new markets and industries. We cordially invite you to join us on our journey for the next 20 years!

The Future