NationalLink Inc. Celebrates its 20th Anniversary in the ATM Industry

NationalLink 20th Anniversary Logo

Glendora, CA (February 16th, 2016) – NationalLink Inc., a nationwide provider of comprehensive ATM solutions, is excited to celebrate 20 years of excellence in the ATM industry. Since 1996, NationalLink has consistently provided ATM solutions to a multitude of industries, helping businesses grow their bottom-line. 2016 not only marks two decades of unparalleled customer service, but also represents another year for exponential growth and expansion.

The growth of NationalLink started from humble beginnings with just a single ATM placed at a flea market to a growing network of 15,000 ATMs. NationalLink steadily expanded their services throughout the years, providing an array of solutions from EMV-compliant ATM placements, processing, cash management, armored services, in-house repair center, to point of sale terminals, and mobile NFC payment capabilities.

This February, NationalLink will be exhibiting at the U.S. ATM Industry Association Conference in New Orleans. As a member of ATMIA for 17 years, one of its first, NationalLink continues to dedicate itself to the ATM industry. In April, NationalLink will be hosting an event in Southern California to celebrate its 20th anniversary. All existing clients and those interested in the ATM industry are invited to RSVP to learn more about NationalLink, the ATM industry, and the crucial EMV compliant ATM deadline.

“2016 is going to be a great year for NationalLink as we are positioned to grow our stellar ATM services,” said President and CEO Sam Kandah. “We can completely manage and operate your portfolio, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Furthermore, merchants looking to add value to their current ATMs, whether it be EMV upgrade kits, DCC, or advertising, contact us and we’ll make sure you and your business are smiling throughout 2016 and beyond.”


About NationalLink: NationalLink Inc. is an industry leader in providing complete ATM solutions for hospitality segments, financial institutions, and retail establishments. Founded in 1992, NationalLink started as a merchant services acquirer and continues to offer payment solutions today to a plethora of industries. Since 1996, NationalLink expanded to ATM processing, placements, repairs, and armored cash management services. NationalLink’s growing network of 15,000 ATMs span across all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Browse throughout our website and see how NationalLink can help grow your business. For ATM machines and parts, please visit ATMTrader for a comprehensive selection.