How does a Smart Safe save time for my business?

Every business owner dreads making trips to the bank: hours are spent counting, reconciling, and storing cash in an exposed backroom safe. If your bank isn’t local, or you arrive at peak hours, the process takes even longer. Moreover, every second spent with unsecured cash in hand exposes you to theft. Pawning these tasks off to a trusted employee might free your time, but it doesn’t solve the problem. You need an effective, time-saving cash management solution that grants you the opportunity to complete greater tasks.

A Smart Safe is a simple, convenient solution to your cash handling problems. NationalLink’s Direct Vault program provides Smart Safes equipped with bill validators that quickly accept cash. This feature helps eliminate trips to the bank and increases efficiency.

How does a Smart Safe’s bill validator save time?  

The Smart Safes provided through NationalLink’s DirectVault program come with bill validators that take less than 2 seconds to authenticate each bill. This means your employees secure cash faster while maintaining customer satisfaction. Since the bill validators have a 95% acceptance rate for new and worn notes, your employees won’t struggle with bills.

Banks and Cash-In-Transit (CIT) companies trust the optical sensing bill validators on our Smart Safes. Because of this, CIT companies and banks alike will never second guess the bills stored in the safe. The Smart Safes provided through NationalLink’s DirectVault program connect to secure networks. This allows the bill validators to update automatically, ensuring the acceptance of new, updated, or redesigned bills.

Do I still need to take the money in a Smart Safe to the bank?

With a Smart Safe through NationalLink’s DirectVault program, you won’t have to visit a bank to make a cash deposit. The cash inserted into your Smart Safe is automatically reflected in your bank account at the end of each day. A trusted CIT company of your choice then retrieves the stored cash at a later date. Therefore, your employees won’t spend time counting, reconciling, or preparing cash deposits because the Smart Safe will do that for you.

How does a Smart Safe increase efficiency?

NationalLink’s DirectVault program allows business owners the ability to view real-time, customizable reports on your phone, tablet, or PC. The Smart Safe records each bill deposited, detailing the time of the deposit, who made it, and the amount inserted. Accurately tracking your cash will eliminate cash counting errors, ensure accountability, and reduce the need for cash management error investigations.

Continuous improvement is one of the core values at NationalLink; assessing and revising processes leads to success. With a Smart safe, you can eliminate time consuming, tedious tasks, thus contributing to the well-being of your establishment. Most of all, you will gain the time to concentrate on more important things, like growing your business.