Tired of Fallback Charges and Card Errors? Clean Your EMV Card Reader!

avoid misreads and fallback charges. Clean your emv card carder.

EMV compliance is a topic that evolves and changes more frequently than one would imagine. Simply having an EMV card reader in your ATM machine is no longer sufficient. You’ll have to make sure proper software is loaded and the EMV option is enabled on the ATM…. but all of this should be old news to you by now.

The smart chip card readers function and read differently from the mag stripe card readers. These card readers are constantly exposed to the elements, collecting dirt and soot from the chip on your card. The dirt and grime can potentially cover the pins that read the smart chip on the user’s card. This can cause many problems that are costly to the ATM owner. It is important that all ATM owners are proactive in their actions as EMV card readers require proper maintenance and care to ensure optimal activity

Picture this situation.

You have an ATM machine that is placed at a festival or sports event. At these events, your potential customers will probably be eating a ketchup filled hot dog or a saucy hamburger. The sauce happens to get on the EMV chip of the debit card. He or she inserts that card into your ATM EMV card reader. Now your EMV card reader will have all this ketchup and sauce covering the pins inside. If you decide to not clean to your reader, dirt and contaminants will build up and will eventually destroy your card reader. A dirty or poorly maintained EMV card reader can cause

  1. Failed transactions.
  2. Card reader errors and rejections.
  3. Extended transaction times.
  4. Higher fall back rates.
  5. Increased service calls and costs.
  6. Customer frustration and poor customer experience.

Solution? Clean your EMV card readers! The experts at KICTeam have remarkable card reader cleaners that are specific to these smart chip card readers and we sell them on our sister site at www.atmtrader.com. They have the patented Waffletechnology that will effectively and efficiently clean the pins inside your readers. Because these pins are recessed inside the card reader, it is hard to reach and clean these surfaces. With the Waffletechnology, the card cleaner has indentations that will reach deep inside these recessed pins. Moreover, they have incorporated the new Miracle Magic Solution in their SMART cleaning card, which is an alcohol free alternative to the older isopropanol solution. It’s environmentally safe and effective at loosening dirt while protecting the pins.

Just remember that these EMV card readers will get dirty and will result in failed transactions and reading errors. Any of these can result in a fallback and will make it harder for you to deal with chargebacks and disputes.

For more information on card reader maintenance, you can download the white papers from KICTeam on the NationalLink EMV Card Reader Maintenance page

For more information on EMV compliance at the ATM, visit NationalLink EMV Compliance page.