Cash Advance Solutions

Cash advances are ideal for virtually any business and can help ensure you have the funds necessary to improve and grow your business, regardless of your industry. NationalLink invites you to take advantage of high approval rates, fast turnaround times, and easy payment plans.

Benefits You'll Enjoy

Same day approvals
No limitations on use of funds
Flexible repayment options
Borrow up to 150k
Leverage credit card sales.   
Minimal Qualifications

What We Provide

Rental Terminals.
Along with eliminating your processing fees, we offer rental equipment to minimize your startup cost. Ask about our POS.
24/7 Customer Support.
Don’t wait until the next business day to get answers.  Our customer support is available when you need it.
It’s easy to switch.
With our minimal paperwork and same day approvals, your business can be up and running in no time.
Online reporting.
With NationalLink’s online reporting, you’ll have access to view of your transactions, batches, fees, and funds so you can track your business performance over time.

Get liquid cash to grow your business.