How can an ATM help my business attract new customers?

Owning your own business is the American Dream: to be your own boss, build something from the ground up, and focus on your passion can be liberating and fulfilling. Maintaining your business, however, is the challenging part, especially if sales begin to plateau or stagnate. Avoiding or escaping a slump in revenue requires some ingenuity. An ATM from NationalLink, the largest ATM processing company in the Western United States, is a creative way to attract new customers and create new revenue.

How can an ATM help my business?

The Federal Reserve reported that consumers made 5.8 billion ATM withdrawals in 2015, totaling over $680 billion in cash. This means that an ATM can bring a new stream of customers to your location who are looking to withdraw cash. Since foot traffic is one of the most significant driving forces behind sales, enticing people to your store to use your ATM brings the opportunity of increased sales.

Because the average consumer is more cautious when swiping their card for small transactions, especially if a credit/debit card fee is tacked on to the total, consumers are more comfortable making impulse purchases with cash. Placing an ATM inside your business increases the likelihood that a consumer visiting your ATM will then spend at your store. Strategically placing your ATM in a conspicuous area allows more exposure to what your business offers and increases the chance of impulse purchases.

Let’s say the customer withdraws cash and leaves without buying anything, you still earn passive revenue. Every time a customer visits the ATM at your location, you have the ability to earn money for that ATM transaction. The more transactions your ATM does, the more revenue you earn. NationalLink offers a variety of ATM programs designed to fit your business needs and budget, giving you the power to pursue increased revenue.

How do I attract more people to my ATM?

You have your ATM set up and running, now you need to increase the number of transactions your machine does. We offer multiple branding solutions that can drive customers to your business to use your ATM:

  • Signage is a low-cost, easy way to attract customers to your ATM. Bright, colorful LED signs help illuminate the way to your door, while simple indoor signs point to the machine’s location.
  • A wooden enclosure for your ATM encapsulates your investment in stunning, elegant woodwork and a finish that matches your décor. With clear, brushed nickel stenciling on the front face, your ATM is sure to be picked out among the crowd.
  • Video toppers are a smart way to attract customers while creating space for advertising revenue. Video toppers are perched atop the ATM at eye level so potential customers can be drawn into the alluring images and videos displayed.
  • A wrap for your ATM makes your machine easily identifiable. NationalLink can create customized designs that standout or allow you to advertise directly on your ATM.

When your ATM is easy to find, you create opportunities for your business by increasing foot traffic to your machine. Branding gives you the ability to explore the options that best fit your business, so you can see your revenue grow quicker.

Ensuring your business remains profitable is on every business owners mind. With an ATM from NationalLink, you can be assured that you are doing the most you can to attract new customers and increase your bottom line.